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Authorization Letter template

Authorization Letter template gives an  authority to a person to do any act on behalf of another person on specific issues as mentioned in the letter. This template can give you a starting base on which you can easily build upon.


{Mr. X}
{Officer Designation}
{Name of Authority}

Subject :   {Purpose for which authorization has to be given}

Dear Sir

In reference to the above subject, I hereby authorize Mr. {Name of the Person A} in place of Mr. {Name of the person B} as some additional charge has been handed  to Mr. {Name of the person B}.

Mr. {Name of Person A} will be appearing and representing Management henceforth before you in this matter and  do all such other acts and deeds, necessary for the above said purpose.

For & On Behalf Of
{Name of the Company}.

{Name of the Authorized Representative}
{Designation of the Authorized Representative}

Dated: {Date of Issuing this letter}



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